Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is Quality??

Well Well Well.... This is a very common question which every customer ask me and every time i need to scratch my head to explain this..

In Livestock two words are very commonly used-

The word SHOW QUALITY refers to the pet which is in such a quality that can be used for showing purpose in dog shows. But unfortunately in this trade, every body use this word for all kind and quality of pets just to attract the customers. Dealers also claim that father and mother both are show champion dogs etc etc..

The word PET QUALITY refers to an ordinary quality of pet which does not give any high commitments on the quality of breed.

But a lay man cannot understand the difference between the quality at the initial stage when he buys a pet coz that time he is just looking on the monetary part that from where ever he gets a cheap pup, he pick a pet from there. The word QUALITY he understands when the pet grows up at his place.

Just an eg: A same breed pet can start from Rs. 5000 and the same breed pet can be available in 20000 also. Im sure there must be some difference in the quality. Every breed has its own specification in quality but a common man is not aware of it. So before you buy a pet make sure you are aware about the breed specifications or you buy from a reliable source who takes the breed guarantee down the lane.

I can explain the word QUALITY by sharing some pics of the same breed in different-2 quality. For such info plz mail me at classickennel@gmail.com

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